Our services are focused on providing exceptional musical instrument servicing.

Musical Instrument Service

With a history dating back to 1969, this Musical Instrument Shop has been proudly owned and operated by veterans and their families.

Brass Repair

Welcome to our state-of-the-art facilities that offer top-notch services for brass instruments. We pride ourselves on providing ultrasonic cleanings and comprehensive chemical flushes to ensure optimal performance. Our team of dent professionals specializes in working with various horns and is skilled in troubleshooting issues with slides, valves, and rotors. Moreover, we have an expertly calibrated lacquer spray booth and offer top-quality plating services to provide exceptional and consistent results. Rest assured, we cater to service requests for all brass instruments, including the majestic sousaphones.

Woodwind Repair

Full cleanings, dent removal, adjustment, alignment, and replacement of pads, corks, springs, screws, etc. are provided for both plastic and wood horns. Additionally, structural work can be done on wood instruments, and relacquering and silver plating services are available for brass horns.

Piano Tuning

Our highly skilled technicians for piano tuning are carefully selected and undergo rigorous training, ensuring that you receive top-quality services from a genuine professional. These seasoned craftsmen will not only cater to your tuning needs but also evaluate and address any additional repairs necessary to bring your instrument back to its optimal playing condition.

Our services encompass the optimization, adjustment, and replacement of worn-out components, while excluding the resolution of any structural or mechanical problems. We strive to offer on-site assistance and conveniently coordinate appointments to suit your busy schedule.

Fresh & Restored Instrument Sales

We pride ourselves on offering a unique selection of refurbished horns, catering to both students and professionals, as well as collectors. In addition, we have a wide range of brand new instruments in stock, including piccolos, sousaphones, and accordions. Whether you're looking for a Mariachi instrumentation or any other musical equipment, we can fulfill your order.

Instrument Customization

If you possess a personal horn that you desire to personalize, we are more than willing to collaborate with you in order to transform your vision into a reality. Our expertise lies in crafting various components, such as braces, triggers, finger hooks, and many others, using both brass and wood materials. Additionally, we possess the ability to skillfully cut, polish, and position exquisite finger buttons made from rare stones. Hand-engraving has always been a part of our repertoire, but we have also recently incorporated the provision of custom laser engraving services. Moreover, we excel in implementing screw-on bell systems and modifying instrument keys and tubing. No matter what your customization needs may be, rest assured that we have successfully accomplished them in the past and are ready to fulfill your specific requirements!